A statesman is defined as: a man who is a leader in national or international affairs, a male political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good, and a man who is respected in a given field. In the past many men were regarded as statesmen, men such as the founding fathers, the early US presidents, and many other world leaders during troubled times. In these, our troubled, times who are our statesmen? Who are the respected men leading the way?

We must look toward ourselves to find the answers and become those whom we seek. In our search for the answers to today’s questions we look toward the solutions of the past. We are not alone in our journey through life, countless others before us have treaded the same paths and struggled with the same questions. By studying their works we hope to learn by their experiences.

Today’s statesmen are rugged individuals in search of knowledge and wisdom to empower us and our families through these troubled times. Our goal is to study the great classics of the past, gleaning the wisdom of the centuries, so that we too may become the leaders of our day; honorable and respected men, statesmen.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

John Adams - Statesman

We found John Adams to be an underrated founding father whose dedication to his country and hard work played a key role in the formation of the American nation. John Adams was brought up by good parents and given the opportunity to study and grow from his own labor. Adams married to a wonderfully devoted spouse who faithfully supported him and his cause.

His situation is very similar to ours, in that he lived in a dynamic and ever changing time filled with struggle and uncertainty. Like our day politics was a game played where the outcome was not always in the best interest for the freedom of the people. Mr. Adams had the vision of building a nation for his posterity and must have been inspired to continue through the hardships he endured.

It would be hard to find someone who embodies the essence of statesman that John Adams. His life was a symbol of dedication and patriotism and an example to us and future generations.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Red Badge of Courage

Red Badge of Courage was a tremendous story and a lesson for all men. The short story is a snapshot of a civil war battle and the internal monologue of a young man’s struggle to discover himself.

The books dealt with knowing what is right and having the will to do it regardless of the consequences whether they be physical harm or shame. We discover that out own perceptions of others may not be too different than our own. Each of us is not alone in our life experiences and the chances are each of us is going through the same experience.

This was a wonderful story that every young man should read and treasure.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dante's Inferno

The Inferno was a fascinating combination of ancient mythology, Italian political history, Catholicism spun into a creative poet’s tale of a journey through hell. I was amazed at the creativity and detail that went into describing a place so commonly known be never explored; a truly classic story from a very talented and creative poet.